Chat rooms for pet lovers: Dog chat, Cat chat, Horse Chat and More!

Chat rooms for pet lovers: Dog chat - Cat chat - Horse Chat and More!

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Dog Chat Room UK Dog Chat
Great selection of discussion boards (breed specific, nutrition, general dog chat, etc.) as well as good links to dog information sites ... based in the UK.

Bird Chatroom Up At Six Bird Chat
Up At Six is a discussion board for bird lovers. All bird types seem to get good representation - parrots, Asiatic birds, Amazon native birds, cockatiels, canary breeds and more. Questions can also be directed to avian experts.
Bird Toys

Horse Chatroom Horse Chat Forum is more than a horse chat site... it is a whole horse community. You can post questions, read articles, add you opinions on training and more. Registration required. Also, check out Equine Site

Ask Vet Online Ask The Vet
Great online pet resource. NOT free, but very inexpensive and an excellent way to get veterinarian advice or a second vet opinion. Recommended.

Live Pet Chat The Pet Web Site - Pet Discussion Board
Great place to post your question, or comment on, issues involving your pet. They cover hamsters, dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, rats, gerbils, birds... you name it.

Cat Chat Feline Forum - Cat Chat
Live, online chat forum about cats. Great place to get questions answered about caring for cats, cat behavior problems and more.
Also, Cats Of Australia

Dog Chat ChazHound Dog Community Forum
Great place to post dog questions, help other dog lovers and generally connect with other dog lovers. LOT'S of great information about dogs ... very educational site. Registration required.

Pet Lover Personals The Pet Lover Personals Looking for someone who will love you like you love your cat... or dog... or bird... or whatever? Check out these pet lover personals where true animal lovers find human companionship. Pet lovers personals offer a free forum where members can share/help with animal and pet issues. Go browse the photo personals, free... you know animal lovers are better people, why not date one?

Psychic Pet Readings Live Psychic Pet Readings
Interested in knowing what your pet is thinking and why? Maybe try getting a live, online psychic pet reading. "Animal Communicators" are catching on with the public.
More More New Age/Psychic Chat

Discounts on Pet Dog Cat Perscription Pet Perscriptions
Get top quality, name brand perscriptions for your dog, cat or bird at discount prices. Fast, inexpensive, reliable... Entirely Pets is YOUR place for online pet perscriptions (both traditional medication and alternative!)

Cat Toys Cat's Play
Outstanding place to find anything and everything to pamper your cat ... cat jewelry, beds, collars, cat food, cat toys ... and speciality items (have your cat's picture added to a blanket, etc.). Naturally, they have the BEST scratching posts, anywhere.

Cat Toys Walls Of The Wild
WAY to much fun. HUGE wall murals of wild animals. Or, Create your own customized pet murals. Cut-out, self adhesive wall art. Ready to apply. No cutting or gluing required.

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Dog Chat All Pets Chat
This Australian based website is a place for pet owners to obtain useful information, meet other pet lovers and participate in fun, interactive online activities.

Dog Chat Pro Dog's Live Dog Chat
Live dog chatroom from Pro Dog, a grooming supply company. Active dog chat community. Registration required.

Dog Training Videos Online Dog Training
GREAT place to learn how to start training your dog or puppy. No books to read, nothing to download, no waiting for training videos ... just go online and watch the dog training videos. Free sample lessons. Well done.

Bird Chatroom Live Pet Bird And Parrot Chat
Live parrot chat at the Pet Bird Page. Check the schedule for meeting time. Lot's of great information about parrots at their Bird Page.

Pet Chatroom Clicker Training For Dogs
Fast, easy, gentle way to start training your dog or puppy ... and, of course, it all starts with getting you trained. Manuals, materials, online videos and everything else you need.

pet chat The Pet Hobbyist Chat
Excellent pet chat room and a very informative site. Dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish, exotic animals and even insects and reptiles are represented. Great discussion boards and online forums where you can ask pet questions... or add your thoughts and help others. Most excellent.

insect chat Insect Chat Forum
No... I am not kidding... this is a chat forum dedicated to insects brought to you by I learned that it isn't really insect chat... it is the discussion of entomology. Great site. I learned alot about bugs. Who knew bugs could be interesting? Who knew they made good pets?

Pet Lovers Chat Pet People's Place
GREAT pet owner live forum where you can post questions and help other pet owners ... all pets seem represented: Dogs, cats, birds, horses, reptiles and other various small pets.

Adopting Pets Pet's 911 These folks are trying to save dogs, cats and other pets that can be adopted. Great resource site if you want to learn about pet adoption, saving pets and were to get emergency pet card.

Natural Health For Pets Only Natural Pet Supplies
Great place to find and buy all natural products for dogs, cats, birds and other pets. Worth checking out and learning the value natural products.

Animal Chat Animal Forum HUGE collection of animal forums supported by animal lovers everywhere. Horses, dogs, cats, fish and small animals all represented. Great place to get information on pets. All questions answered.

Animal Rescue Feed An Animal In Need
Animal rescue site that helps feed and care for animals displaced by people who really ought not to own animals ... contributions help all sorts of animals in animal shelters and sanctuaries. Visit for more details.

Cat Training Cat Solutions
Do you have a cat with behavior problems? Do you think cat's cannot be trained? Maybe these folks can help you with that.

Cat Training Dog Mania
A large, popular dog forum for those crazy about dogs. All topics of interested covered. Registration required to join.

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