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Welcome to our New Age chatroom selection... where you can chat about metaphysics, the paranormal, astrology, alternative ideas, eastern thought, reincarnation and beyond. Have fun!

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free psychic chat Free Psychic Chat Room
Absolutely free chatroom staffed by professional psychics, astrologers, tarot readers, spirit mediums and so forth. Sorry, but there are NO psychic readings allowed in the chatroom. HOWEVER, it is a great place to chat about the spirit world, astrology, ask questions about tarot cards, reincarnation and other paranormal, metaphysical topics. Excellent fun. Registration required.

Live Ghost Help Ghost Help
If you want some professional help with ghosts, hauntings or spirits, give a call. You might also appreciate their true ghost stories. Another great ghost site is Ask About GhostsAlso check out:
Ghost Hunting, and Spirit Guides

new age psychic New Age Psychic Libby For a contemporary psychic reading from a modern mystic, you should go talk with Isabella. A talented psychic with deep metaphysical roots, Isabella is ready to answers any of your questions.

new age and metaphysical chat Morgana's Observatory
REALLY interesting web site put together by Morgana. Chatroom has scheduled chats on such mysteries as reincarnation, ghosts, the origins of mankind, prophecies and more. You have too love those willing to explore the edges of what is known where mystery and mystics begin.

reincarnation Reincarnation Chat
Want to try something really different? Would it really be the "new age" without the exploration of reincarnation ... and especially how past lives can influence our present life? Select for several professional past life readers, give a call and be prepared to be surprised. Pretty fun.

New Age Chat Like Mindz New Age Chat
Very interesting chat site exploring spirituality, the paranormal, psychic events, philosophy and much more. Classes are also offered. Registration is required and guidelines strictly enforced. Forums also available. Help keep it up and running .. make a donation.

Paranormal Psychic Experiences
Drop in, register, and record you psychic experiences ... read others experiences with unexplained paranormal events. You can also learn about famous psychics, find out about psychics on TV or in movies and has an excellent page for testing your psychic abilities.

metaphysical and New Age chatroom Pathways - Alternative Spirituality
At Path Ways you will find the exploration of alternative spirituality. There are free articles you can read and, of course, a chatroom and forum. Registration is required, but it is free.

Buddhist Chat Buddhist Chat Forum
Brought to you by Buddhism Without Boundaries, this is open Buddhist chat forum for those seriously interested in topics such as Buddhism, meditation, past lives, Eastern philosophy, Zen and related topics.
Also, pay a visit to Monk Chat - Buddhist Chat Room ... Past Lives Buddhist Readings ... 5 Tibetan Rituals

Wicca spiritual chat Witch Forum A very cool chat forum for those interested in Pagan and/or Wicca beliefs. Registration required. Moderated. Strict rules for chat. Forum loaded with interesting information on spells, herbs, spirituality and more.

New Age and Paranormal Chat Namaste Cafe - New Age Chat
Drop by and talk about anything pertaining to Love, Light and Enlightenment, or enhancing your spiritual growth. Very nice folks. Chatting about the paranormal, life after death, reincarnation and so forth is acceptable... and interesting.

Philosophy Forum Perspectives Forum
Really excellent online forum to exchange thoughts and ideas about all religions, from all religious perspectives, about all topics. If you are a wild-eyed, crazy religious nut, DO NOT visit. This is for intelligent grown-ups interested in exchanging ideas.

ghost-UFO-paranormal chat The Paranormal News Chat Page
Believe it, or not . . . most Americans believe that UFOs are out there. A large portion of the population believes that ghosts are real. It only makes sense we should chat about ghosts, UFOs and other mysterious events.

new age chat Mystic Familiar Chat & Forum
If you enjoy exploring new age ideas like ascension, reincarnation, astral travel, metaphysics, Wicca, psychics and so forth, you will likely enjoy this chat and forum site. To learn more, visit their Mystic Familiar home page.

pot forum Roll It Up Forum
Some people like to grow their own form of open mindedness ... if that is your thing, here is a chat forum to help you grow it better ... and then just roll it up ...

iconoclastic The Well
Where the intelligent and iconoclastic gather and mingle. Not so much New Age as original ... think that over. Must become a member to use "Conferences" which is the community message board. However, you can peek at one members How To Talk New Age ... well done.

spirituality Spiritual Experiences
The place you can submit your spiritual experience. Read submissions by others. Very interesting site.

Free Phone Horoscopes Horoscope Hotline
Great way to pick up your daily free horoscope: Just call 'Horoscope Hotline'. Free 24/7. And, if you want, you can opt to talk to skilled astrologers and/or clairvoyants about what is in store for you today. Go learn more.

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psychics Psychic Chat & Readings
Live chat & readings with psychics, astrologers, tarot readers and more ... webcam chat, phone & text chat

Authentic Psychics Network

Authentic Psychics Network - Genuine Psychic Readings Hand Picked psychics by Master Psychic Lori for a special psychic network. Choose from clairvoyants, mediums, tarot readers, astrologers and other divination specialist. Special rates for clients. Great features. Impressive psychic readings. Readers available 24/7 for the USA and CANADA. Visit Authentic Psychics for more details (and a special introductory offer!).

(USA And Canada)

Ready For A Personal Reading, Now? Psychics Directory is pleased to introduce you to our psychics chatline ... a toll free number to reach the quality psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, energy readers and more.

(For USA And Canadian Callers, Only)

Free articles on ... psychic readings ... astrology advice ... love readings ... tarot readings ... pet readings ... money readings ... energy readings ... numerology readings ... spirit guide readings ... and more. Live readers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Live support always available

" Daisy, I was referred to Daisy by one of the customer service -- she was great also -- very insightful and right on the money -- thank you so much for the referral -- I highly recommend this lady for any of your needs"

Bianca, Glendale AZ

Majick Love Spells Cast A Love Spell Need a magic love spell to create passion in that special someone? How about a Find-Lost-Lover spell? Buy love spell kits ... or have a love spell cast for you.

new age and metaphysical chat Cosmic Ordering Course Learn how to manifest all the good things in your life you have been seeking. It may be true, 'ask and you will receive'. It all comes down to knowing HOW to ask. Go learn more about advanced cosmic ordering.

new age and metaphysical chat Be Psychic Course Learn how you, too, can tap into your psychic abilities. Complete course on developing esp, psychic talents and more. Fascinating stuff.

tarot cards Interested in Tarot? Try a reading from 1800 Tarot or Tarot Love Readings. Check out Easy Tarot Software Easy to use, but highly detailed Tarot program. Great way to learn about tarot readings. Get new and used tarot cards at Buy Tarot Cards. For some online fun, go get a Free Cartomancy Online Reading or try Tarot Chat.

Angel Readings Want to know what messages your angels have for you? These Angel Readers can help you connect with your personal angels.

dream meanings Dream Interpretation Course Excellent course on how to understand the meaning of your (or someone else's) dreams. Comes with detailed course material and extras. Want more dream help? Check out Dream Secrets

Become A Reiki Master Learn how to become a certified Reiki master with this easy to understand home study course. Fast becoming one of the hottest new alternative health techniques around.

New Age Chat Heaven's Angels Chat
Chat with psychics, energy workers, spiritual teachers, mediums and so forth. Mini-readings available. Registration required. Check the chat schedule for more details.

New Age Topics NOETIC Discussion Board
Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded in 1973 by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, whose mission is supporting individual and collective transformation through consciousness research, educational outreach, and engaging a global learning community in the realization of our human potential.

ESP Test Free ESP Test
No chat... but a very interesting and fun (and free) ESP test. You think you are psychic? Go take the test. Also, you can take the Psychic Quiz free, too.

Mystical Chat God Light New Age Chat
Pure New Age chat, a spiritual get together at The God Light spiritual chat room, 9pm London Greenwich Mean Time every day. Chat about spirituality and psychic issues amongst like minded folks. Seems to have a pretty International group chatting. Naturally, metaphysical chat will occur, so put your thinking cap on ... or not.

Witchcraft Wicca and Pagan Chat Room White Wicca
Wicca and Pagan chat at it's finest from White Wicca. Excellent site to learn a bit about Wicca and spells ... and herbs, too. Chat is semi-monitored. Folks are friendly. Be polite, impolite folks are tracked and banned.
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Wicca & Magick Courses   and   Wicca & Magick Supplies

New Age Soulmate Help Psychic Soulmate Chat
Chat live with webcam psychics and get help with discovering your true soulmate. Chat is easy and fast. Chat free until you decide you want a reading. NO webcam needed on your computer. Maybe it would help to get some kissing lessons or maybe how to drive men wild?

love chat Live Psychic Love Reading
Let Kay lead you a hand with your love life. A professional psychic and tarot reader, she is available to talk with, live, by phone about dating, romance and other matters of the heart. Special for new clients: 10 minute reading for only $10 dollars. Not online chat, but live chat none the less.

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