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Live Movie Chatroom Movie Chatroom
Teaser Trailer not only offers a live movie chat site, but also a chance to catch the latest movie trailers for you favorite up coming films. Nice little movie chat site.

Live Movie Chatroom Live Movie Chat at AintItCool
Movie chat and reviews for the hard core action/scifi movie fan. Not a place for the faint of heart. Language is "colorful" but appropriate. Not a place to go with your grandmother... but I'll be going back.

Teen Movie Chat Teen Movie Chat
Teen Movie Chat is run by The Student Center. Sharp site with lots of goodies. Excellent chat. Java, Javalite and HTML available. NOW, if the Teen Movie Chat is down, make sure you click on the link to notify 'The Student Center Chat'... That will take you to additional selections. You MUST become a member to chat, site is monitored... but still very cool.

Sci-fi Chat All Sci-Fi Chat
Very active sci-fi forum where you can keep up on the latest Sci-fi movies, TV shows and books. Also has a great photo and art gallery for sci-fi/fantasy.

Movie Reviews Rotten Tomatoes Movie Forum
A VERY active movie discussion board. You will find movie reviews and opinions on everything from sci-fi films to romance movies to discussions about bad DVD covers... worth checking out.

Indie Movie Chat Bollywood Chat
No, not Hollywood, but Bollywood ... movies from out of India, primarily Bombay. It is (believe it or not) the world's largest film industry. If you like Indie films, you'll enjoy the chat.

Movie Chat JoBlo Movie Chat
GREAT place to chat about movies. Some serious movie buffs haunt the chatroom... don't go if you aren't ready to really talk about films. Also check out the Movie Fan Central for a complete online movie fan community.

Live Anime Movie Chatroom Anime Movie And Anime Fan Chat
Anime: The newest member to the sci-fi - fantasy - horror genres. Where in the U.S. comic books are not considered "a serious art form" (mostly because those who founded that industry were less than ethical) and sci-fi began with comics ... comic books became an ACCEPTED art form for ALL ages in Asia ... and so are the anime movies ... just so ya' know.

Movie and DVD Search Page

Movie search engine: Locate your favorite movies in VHS and DVD. Find online movies to enjoy. Buy Movies ... Sell Movies ... Find Classic Films ... VHS ... DVD ... Movie Collectibles ... Posters ... Movie Reviews (add yours!) ... Video Reviews ... Price Compare DVDs and Videos ... and More!

Movie and DVD Search Page

All Movie Posters All Movie Posters
Any and (almost) every movie and film poster ever made, including classic film posters brought back by demand. Find your favorite at great prices. Collectibles and the newest movie releases. Naturally, you should also visit Movie Center and Music Posters. Too much fun.

Live Movie Chat Room Best Horror Movies Chat
Horror fans, particularly those who love vampire movies, will appreciate this live, horror movie chat. No registration is required.

Live Horror Movie Chat Horror Movie Chat & Forums
Interested in posting messages about your favorite movie(s)s? as a pretty active horror chat forum. But, in case you just cannot get enough about horror movies (and who can get enough good horror flicks). Check out Horror Fans News Blog ... and for live horror movie chat check out Horror Movies & Stuff

Live Movie chatroom The Movie Forum
Sizable online community of online movie buffs. Latest online movie trailers. Must register to post reviews/opinions on movies.

Science Fiction Chat Sci-Fi Chat Forum
For science fiction lovers, it's tough to beat's live forum. Great place to find out what sci-fi fans are thinking across the universe. Also check out Sci-Fi Live Chat. Registration required for both sites.

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