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Free Web Cam Video Chat Vagipe Free Webcam Chat
A rare thing ... a FREE web cam chat site ... and a very high quality one, at that. Bad behavior can get you banned, HOWEVER, a word of caution, there are grown-ups there being a bit "wild", not bad, or evil, just having fun. Not for kids.
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Chatrooms Directory

spanish chat Amigos Singles Chatroom
Amigos is a great place to chat for those 18+ who just want to have fun and meet new folks. Yes, it is a "personals" site, but the chat rooms are ACTIVE ... and it FREE to join. Registration is required. Chatrooms are monitored and those who engages in abuse behavior are banned. If you are looking for spanish, latino chat, especially for singles, go check it out.
Also, visit: Spanish & Latino Personals
Latino Phone Chat & Dating

chatroom directory Chit Chatting Free Chat
Free java based chat rooms for teens and grown-ups. Very popular. Easy to use. No registration required. Always someone around.

chatroom directory Live Chat Online
Yes, free live online chat AND webcam chat. Very fun chat site. NOTE: This is moderated chat (both text and webcams). Rules are strictly enforced. Great site for general, fun, chat.

chatrooms African American Chat
Black Voices is possibly the largest African-American chat forum sites on the Net'... and it is not uncommon to find people from around the world chatting here. Numerous topics and age groups to choose from. Registration required for chat forum.
Also, visit African-American Singles
and go see Black Phone Chat

chatroom directory Baby Chat
If you are a new parent (or about to be a parent), here's your chatroom spot. I have friends who LOVE to talk about babies (especially theirs.) I dedicate this chat spot to them... so they can go talk about babies all they want (with someone other than me.)

ghost and UFO chat The Paranormal News Chat Page
Believe it, or not . . . most Americans believe that UFOs are out there. A large portion of the population believes that ghosts are real. It only makes sense we should chat about ghosts, UFOs and other mysterious events.
More New Age and Paranormal Chat

chatroom directory Alamak Chat
Whoa! Really advanced site for chat rooms and games. Encourages worldwide chat by allowing to select different world regions to find chat partners. Membership is encouraged - rule violations result is membership loss.
More Popular Chatrooms.

Older Folks Chat Jolly Den
Somehow, this chat site reminds me of a good ol' fashion general store where older folks are just sitting around having a chat. Monitored, registration required. Must be +25.Must appreciate good, clean fun.

sports chat ESPN's Sports Chat Center
ESPN has put together an excellent sports chat location. Chatrooms for baseball, basketball, football, boxing and more. Scheduled chats with sports stars, agents, broadcasters... just check the chat schedule at the site.
More Sport's Chatrooms.

disability chatrooms Disability Chatrooms
Disaboom offers a great, monitored disability chatrooms, forum, blogs and more. Great place, lots of help.
More Health Chatrooms

Car Auto Chat Car Talk
If you have not hear Jim and Ray on the radio talking about cars, you are deprived. Great site to get answers about cars, meet car lovers and much more. Go see.

chatroom directory Gun Chatroom
Chatroom is open 24 hours, however, check the schedule for organized chats and lectures. (I have to say this) if you are a gun hobbyist, this is your chat room to shoot the breeze. Also, check out Gun Chat Net

chatroom directory Survivor Chat
Catch up on the latest gossip about the Survivor TV show. Vote in the polls and get the behind the scenes news. Mind your manners or you might get voted out of the chatroom.

gay chatrooms Gay Chatchat
Gay.Com hosts one of the largest communities (with 3 million members) of gay singles and chatters on the Net'... both men and women (although it seems a much larger ratio of men chatters). Java. Numerous chatrooms.
More Gay Chatrooms
Also see, Gay Personals
and go see Gay Phone Chat

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